Stuck in life? Empower your inner Ninja

Our coaching process empowers your inner Ninja. Your inner Ninja is a metaphor for your unconscious brain. And that is where all of your true potential lies.

The real question is whether you want to empower your inner Ninja or not. Everyone has more potential inside than they bring to life. So everyone can benefit from the coaching process. Even famous celebrities, apparently at the top of their game, still have room for improvement. We all do. It’s called being Human. The journey of self-development and self-growth never stops. We take you through a step-by-step process which “re-trains” your inner Ninja to start working for you. In the background and in the shadows; bringing you new results to your life.


It doesn’t matter what you do in life. If you’re in business, a leader, an employee, a parent, the owner of an SME, setting up a new venture, wanting to bring your vision and your dream to reality, or want to fix a relationship issue. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, quit smoking, get better results, change career…….the list goes on. Coaching can help.

If this is you and you want change…we can help

What Is Mindset Ninja Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that stimulates thinking and new perspectives followed by taking action to get new results. This graph perfectly explains the coaching process. Coaches are not consultants, nor are they mentors. A consultant gives advice. Consultants do more of the talking than the client. Essentially the client does most of the listening – they simply absorb advice.

Next up, mentors. Mentor do half talking and half listening. They find out all about the life of the client, their desires, their challenges, their goals and then the mentor gives them advice and recommendations about how to move forwards, more often than not based upon the mentor’s personal experience of what has worked for them in the past.

A coach however does a lot of listening. Then they ask powerful, probing questions to discover what the client wants, how the client sees life, what their limiting beliefs are, what is getting in the way and then works with hand in hand with the client to develop goals, a strategy and a step-by-step plan of action. The coach and client work together to unearth the hidden potential in the client themselves… and this needs to be done to get that person moving forwards in life, towards their goals. Importantly, this journey of self-discovery all comes from within (usually from within the unconscious brain) of the client. The coach doesn’t give advice. Why? Because true behavioural change has to come from within.


The perfect metaphor to describe the coaching process is that if the client is stuck in a rut, the coach doesn’t hand the client a rope only to then help pull the client out of the hole.

Instead the coach gives the client a ladder then acts as a catalyst so that the client can get themselves out of the hole using their own self-developed strategies. Strategies combined with an action-based plan that they have created themselves with the nurturing assistance of the coach working alongside in partnership.

Why Does Coaching Work Better Than Mentoring?

Well it depends. Some people need mentors, other coaches. If you already have a lot of life experience but seem to be trapped in repetitive and circular patterns of behaviour, that don’t provide you with the results you want, plus you know that you can achieve more with the assistance of someone else, then coaching is definitely for you.

Coaching is all about you. 100% it’s about you and your life. The coaching process provides you with a safe space for you to explore your inner thoughts and to explore what you are doing that’s getting in your own way. Mentoring and consultancy both give you advice based on someone else’s life. And that may not necessarily work for you. Only you can decide.

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How Long Does It Take?

Coaching disrupts your current trajectory in life. If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got.

With the assistance and the collaborative, nurturing support of a coach, we work together on your life and with your specific outlook to make small changes which sets you off on a different path in the future. Success can be achieved in as little as one, single 2 hour coaching session. More often, around 10 – 12 sessions are required to start getting tangible positive gain and progress.

Find Out More

If I’ve sparked your curiosity, can I invite you to explore this subject further and to learn more about how we can help you to break through your limiting beliefs and existing behavioural patterns to set yourself off on a journey towards a new you….. with better results in the future. Getting you to a place where you get what you really want.