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Published: 12th May 2020

This Article was Written by: Nik Moore - The Mindset Ninja

Coaching has changed my life!

I simply cannot begin to extol the virtues of the coaching industry enough. It has literally changed my life.

I’d always been super-interested in helping people, but that doesn’t always put food on the table. Coaching however allows you to make a great living doing what you love doing. Helping other people get success in their own lives.

Have you ever been interested in becoming a coach yourself?

If you too want to become a coach, we’ve create this online resource to give you an introduction to coach training.

The online course is delivered by my own trainer, Steve Payne. A gentleman for whom I have the fondest of professional regard, and such was my own passion for the new found skills that Steve helped me unlock in my own life, that the first thing I did after graduating was to collaborate with him on creating this online coach training programme.

Steve is quite possibly the best trainer I have ever worked with and also a Master Trainer of NLP (of which there are only a handful in the world) and you can meet Steve himself, via video, by following the link below.

Check it out for yourself.. Could this be the click that changes your life? If so, click here and use coupon code 5B9E05E17C030100492F for a discount. (Valid until June 12 2020)

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