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Published: 12th May 2020

This Article was Written by: Nik Moore - The Mindset Ninja

We don’t just have one brain. We have three!

I’m so excited to be a Multiple Brain Integration Technique Coach (mBit for shot) and to see the results that it can bring. It’s a bit of a mouthful I’ll admit, but what it means is that I coach clients in a meditative state and get them tuned into their Heart and Gut Brain.

Without getting into the complicated biology, we have the same “stuff” in small parts of our heart and our digestive system that we find in the brain. Such as neurons (which you may be familiar with). Growing evidence supports the theory now that we have a heart and a gut brain as well as one in our head.

It’s easy to appreciate that this is indeed true. If we think about it. Where do we feel a bad break-up? In our chest. And when we’re nervous, we feel this in the pit of our stomach. That’s the heart and gut brains at work.

Yet, for so many of us, one of our brains can “take over” and become dominant and that can lead to us making poor choices in life. But with mBit coaching, we can easily get the 3 brains back into alignment and working together to change the results the client gets.

What is so powerful about it is that change can happen, (sometimes), almost instantly. With one client, for example, and even after only one, single coaching session, she decided to take a job offer she had been pondering over for weeks – and it turned out the be the right choice.

In this video I explain what’s going on under the bonnet of the human body.

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